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Thermo MB22 Premier

MB22 Premier is used for ultra-thin sections, as well as for work with kidney biopsies and lymph nodes.  Sharpening angle 22 °. 50 pieces per pack.  

Thermo MB22 Premier

  • KTRU 
    A flat, wedge-shaped blade with an ultra-sharp cutting edge, mounted in a microtome and providing ultra-thin sections of pre-fixed and usually paraffin-embedded tissue. The sections are then placed on a glass slide for staining and examination under a microscope. Disposable product.
    Length: 80 mm
    Purpose: For hard fabrics 
    Thickness: ≥0.23 and ≤0.27 mm
    Sharpening angle, city .: 22 
    Width: 8 Millimeter
    Replaceable low profile microtomy attachment. Suitable for serial sections and solid samples. Has a specially adapted unique coating based on polytetrafluoroethylene, which prevents adhesion of the surfaces of the device and provides additional grinding and, thereby, improves working qualities during use. 
    Package  in a semi-automatic dispenser with a device for safe piece extraction.
    Material: Hard-alloyed steel, resistant to corrosion in corrosive environments.
    Recommended use: for making tape sections from human hard tissue, as well as for making regular sections.

  • Thermo Scientific

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