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Image by Misael Moreno

We produce the best ready-to-use stains, stain kits in Russia for manual and automatic staining, reagents for different types of biological material processing, fixatives, decalcifiers, biopsy bags, and other reagents and expendable materials necessary for histological and cytological labs.

Our goal is to produce effective diagnostic reagents at affordable prices.


We developed over 200 reagents and stains for histological and cytological research, from biological material fixation to mounting under coverslips. For every product we thoroughly choose products with the best quality produced in Russia as well as in other countries.
Pur reagents and stains are successfully used in laboratories throughout Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan in manual as well as automatic processing and staining systems produced by such companies as ThermoScientific, Leica, Sakura, Medite. All the reagents are marked in accordance with EN ISO 15223-1.
Before entering the market, we develop the most effective step-by-step application techniques for every product in accredited partner laboratories.
We carefully monitor the observance of each stage of production in order to keep product parameters the same from batch to batch as much as possible.



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