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Ziehl Nielsen for smears

A ready-made set of reagents for the detection of acid-fast mycobacteria (causative agents of tuberculosis and leprosy) in histological sections. Since the cell wall of mycobacteria contains a large amount of lipids and other wax-like  substances, when stained with carbolic fuchsin, they perceive color, and when discolored with strong acids, they retain their color, when the rest of the microflora is discolored, which is a differential test for mycobacteria.

Ziehl Nielsen for smears

SKU: EN-020/5/100
  • Own production of Labiko LLC. Packing 100ml.  Acceptable Use - RUO.

  • 1. Iodic acid solution
    2. Tsilya carbolic fuchsine
    3. Differentiating acid buffer
    4. Gemalown Mayer
    5. A solution of methylene blue

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