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Isopropyl alcohol reagent

The most common way to dehydrate the material is by piping through ethyl or isopropyl alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol has better dehydrating properties compared to ethanol and at the same time less deforms tissues, thanks to this property, an increasing number of laboratories prefer to use it for wiring.

After fixation, the tissue is immediately placed in isopropyl alcohol of maximum concentration. The material is sequentially moved from one container to another.  For both ethanol and isopropanol wiring, at least 4-5 containers are used, and manual wiring is usually limited to this number. If automatic wiring is used, then the number of containers can increase to 10 or more.

Isopropyl alcohol reagent

SKU: R-022/10.000
  • Собственное производство - ООО Лабико, допустимое использование - IVD

  • Packing 10 l, packed in sealed cans, lid with tamper evident. 

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