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Gram stain for tissue

A ready-to-use reagent kit for the imaging of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Both types of bacteria are colored crystal violet. However, gram-positive microorganisms give a stronger bond with said dye and iodine. Moreover, they do not fade when exposed to acetone. As a result, gram-negative bacteria are discolored and then stained with magenta, turning red.

Gram stain for tissue

SKU: EN-008/5/100
  • Собственное производство ООО Лабико. Фасовка 100мл. Допустимое использование - IVD.

  • 1. A solution of crystal violet
    2. Lugol's solution
    3. Acetone-limonene
    4. A solution of basic fuchsin
    5. Picric acid solution

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