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Histological cassettes

Histological cassettes are used in the laboratory to place clinical tissue samples (for example, biopsy samples) in them in order to allow their processing (fixation, embedding in paraffin, dehydration, infiltration) in preparation for subsequent cytological or histological examination and storage. They are plastic containers with a tear-off lid, drainage holes designed to maximize the effect of liquid on the contents during the immersion of the tissue in the main device into which the container is loaded. Can be used in automatic posting machines.

Hole length: 5 millimeters.

Hole width: 0.9 mm

Internal dimensions (L * W * H): 30.8 * 26.6 * 5mm

Outside dimensions (L * W * H): 40.4 * 28.6 * 6mm

The cassettes have an inclined marking surface.

Different colors.

Histological cassettes

  • Permitted Use: IVD

    Release form: plastic zip-bag.

    Package quantity: 500 pieces.

    Storage: in tightly closed original packaging at temperatures from + 15 ° C to + 25 ° C.

    Shelf-life Unlimited

    Manufacturer: Yangcheng Huida Medical Instruments Co. Ltd., China


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