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Harris Hematoxylin

Harris's hematoxylin is a ready-made aqueous solution based on hematoxylin, designed for rapid progressive staining of tissue material. It is one of the most concentrated hematoxylins. 

With regressive staining, sections repainted in hematoxylin can be differentiated with hydrochloric alcohol (1 ml of concentrated hydrochloric acid and 99 ml of 700 ethanol) or 3-5% aqueous solution of acetic acid.

Harris Hematoxylin

SKU: E-003/1000
  • Own production of Labiko LLC. Permitted Use - IVD.

  • Ready-to-use Harris hematoxylin solution. Packaging - 1L plastic bottle, tamper evident lid, induction vacuum sealing. There are 25 pieces in a box.

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